Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Veg Out: Pure Fare

It's like every single cafe and restaurant that has opened in the past 6 months in the city of Philadelphia has decided to go with reclaimed wood details, a communal seating area, a healthy concept, and hyper-snob coffee.

I am 100% okay with that.

So it was with a sigh of relief that my lunch partner and I wandered around Pure Fare, trying to figure out the set-up. Normally I would not be a fan of having two separate areas to place orders for beverages and food, but since you can pay for your entire meal at one counter, I did not mind a wee bit of confusion in the beginning. Now that I know, I know.

After a video shoot and long walk in heat with all of my gear and no water!, I passed on the Blue Bottle Coffee (a detour from character for me, sure) and re-hydrated with a Kale-Apple Smoothie and a sip of Carrot-Ginger-Grapefruit Juice. Pure Fare and I both have the same juicer, but it would be nice to know I could enjoy one in Rittenhouse on a very thirsty afternoon.

The Breakfast and Soup Counter is on the left...some of the soups sounded amazing, but again, it was hot outside. Cold soup would be a great addition.

The Beverage/Pastry Counter is to the right, with a communal table in the middle and some cases for sandwiches, salads, and fruit.

They were all out of Black Bean Hummus Sandwiches in the to-go case, so they made me a fresh one. My friend pointed out that her bread was soggy from her Veggie & Provolone Sandwich and after tasting mine, decided that mine was much better, as it was just made. My sandwich was a winner with crisp veg and Baker Street Bread, but I'm on the fence with that one. Some sandwiches that have been "marinating" for hours taste phenomenal, like a banh mi, for example. Others just taste mushy. It all depends on what you're into.

There were many salads to choose from, but only the Quinoa Salad was vegan.

I inquired about the pastries and found out that they were all vegan with fruit added to optimize the nutritional value. We investigated with a Sweet Potato Brownie. The consensus? The texture was more cakey than brownie, the cocoa flavor was exceptionally dark and rich, and I liked it a little more than she did. I prefer my baked goods to taste healthy, though, because I'm no fun. So yes, I absolutely loved this brownie and can't wait to dip it into a cup of Blue Bottle.

What sets Pure Fare apart is their system that allows you to track your food intake. While I'm certainly curious about it, I did not use my account while I was there because I was in a hurry. I think it would be more of an advantage if I was tracking my caloric intake or having lunch there every day. If you use it and think it's useful, let me know how it's working for you.

Have you tried Pure Fare? What's your take on pre-made sandwiches?


Natalie @ AngstLovesSpinach said...

that looks so incredibly refreshing! I hadn't heard about this place until now, but the next time I wander over the Rittenhouse Square (maybe Sunday, weather permitting), I MUST lunch there. A smoothie and salad is just what I need right now. Thanks for always pointing me toward new great places to eat!

Gregwashere said...

Oh man, blue bottle coffee is maybe the best coffee in the world. No sugar, no milk, just amazing coffee from San Francisco. It's worth the trip just for a cup and I am so grateful to you for finding this here in Philly for all of us to enjoy!

kellywhitephillips said...

Natalie - let me know how you like it!

Greg - It sounds like you are on cup #3 today already. I will try to catch up. Enjoy!