Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden Fresh.

When I found out that I could practice yoga up in a tree at Morris Arboretum, I had to investigate.

While there weren't any yoga classes scheduled at the Arborteum, in the Chestnut Hill  area, on our visit, I was still interested in the Out on a Limb tree exhibit. Remember my fascination with tree houses?

So we rented a car, packed a picnic, and headed out. The Memorial Day roads were empty.

The Arborteum is massive. Green. Gorgeous. Not my urban neighborhood. Everything that I needed in a staycationary escape.

I even took time for a tree pose.

As steamy as it was outside yesterday, Morris Arboretum was one of the cooler places to be - there was enough shade and clean air breezes to keep us going.

In keeping with our outdoorsy day, we discovered a not-too-hot garden seating area at Talula's Garden. All of the greenery and shade provided just enough respite from the heat.

We tried Namaste from Dogfish Head. Summer Beer Brilliance. We ate mostly off the menu, asking the kitchen to prepare a vegan meal for us. Mr. had seared cauliflower and artichokes dotted with peas and foam to start, while my side of beets, almonds, and orange was a pleasing arrangement.

Our mystery entree endeared us to the kitchen yet again -  Creamy Bulgur Risotto with a variety of mushrooms (MORELS!!!) and greens was even better than the dish I had last time. We finished with scoops of rich chocolate sorbet (cocoa, sugar, water) and coffee.

This was our second incredible meal at Talula's - it's so reasonable to dine here as a vegan. Our entrees were $20. Now if you know anything about the cost of morels, then you realize that we got off easy...It was my birthday dinner and it felt very special.

What a fucking beautiful place to eat. Really. Go there and sit on one of the funny garden chairs and love things.


Allison @ thesundayflog said...

Wow, beautiful! Morris Arboretum was the site of my sister's wedding reception. It looks just as beautiful as it did that day! Sounds like you guys had an awesome day. You look so happy!

kellywhitephillips said...

That sounds like one beautiful wedding. Being outside on warm, sunny days, nothing makes me happier. Thanks!