Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If you peek in my medicine cabinet, you're likely to find an assortment of oils and creams, natural remedies that I reach to in place of medicine. If I'm not feeling well. I'll chew on ginger or do some yoga backbends to help me digest. I'll drink tea or green juice. I do believe that the body will right itself from simple issues and that the mood can be boosted instantly just by sniffing some essential oils. There's a product out there in nature to fix almost anything...and there certainly is a time and a place for man-made medicine. But I like to experiment first.

I know you're thinking I'm off on some New Age rant, but...

It's just that Aromatherapy night at Moko Salon left me feeling so in tune with my senses.

Owner Monique invited us to smell a variety of essential oils from Intelligent Nutrients, ranging from the categories of Citrus, Floral, and Wood. Our sniff-fest was bolstered by wine and chocolate, and if we found combinations that we liked or were trying to cure certain issues, we could take home a custom room spray, a roll-on, a facial mist, or sample vials of scents.

I came home with a facial mist with lavender and another scent that I can't quite remember. Oh, wine, you incapacitate my memory every time.

I chose some sample vials, one of neroli, mandarin, and sandalwood. I am going to keep it by my desk and smell it whenever I feel overwhelmed. It's been that kind of week...

The other sample is for a dry scalp and has lavender and rosemary.

Customized beauty solutions can't be found everywhere.  The good news is, Moko will have an aromatherapy bar in the salon in the future for those looking for a more personal experience.

Don't think I didn't leave without grabbing a bar of Intelligent Nutrients Innercalm Infused Chocolate, complete with seed meals and oils. Is it splendorous? Yes, rich with bright hints of citrus, and vegan, too. This chocolate is like world peace in candy form.

My kind of night...I sniffed so much lavender that I slept like a teenager.

What do you use essential oils for?

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m said...

Thank you Kelly. We plan on having more Aromatherapy Nights!