Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lithe Foods Love.

This Twiggy* Hipster* in Short Shorts* found one more aspect of Lithe Method to gush about. (Lithe class names...)

Lithe Method ensures that I never get bored doing the same old workout routine.

Which is also part of why blogging as Living on the Vedge is so good for me - it keeps me from getting stuck in a vegan food rut. It pushes me to try new recipes and experiment in the kitchen, or check out new restaurants and vote vegan with my choices.

Enter Lithe Food - local, organic, and mostly vegan meals for the Lithe woman on the run. Breakfast options like Blissful Breakfast Quinoa or No Muffin Top Loaf. Lunch and dinner items with names like Bikini Salad, Skinny Skinny Collard Wrap, Lithe Roll-up (with seitan!).

Luckily I was able to snag a few items from the Friday debut at the Rittenhouse studio - right before they sold out! I headed to Rittenhouse Square post-workout to re-fuel.

All food is prepared in a kitchen at Fern Brook Farms. After admiring the packaging, I dug in.

The Morockin' Body Stew was light and filling at the same time. Excellent portion size, tender vegetables, satisfying couscous, a touch of sweetness from dried fruit.

I had to grab the No Muffin-Top Fruit & Nut Loaf.  It was juicy and tart, with a texture that any baker could be proud of.

Both items came to about $13, which is easily what I spend for lunch if I go out. I see myself choosing Lithe Food because it's convenient, vegan, healthy, and even the packaging makes me smile. Upcoming meal plans are in the works.

So what does my future look like? A-List Abs and Bikini Salad...


Anonymous said...

oh phew i was hoping i could get a side of body-shaming and gender stereotyping with my vegan diet.

kellywhitephillips said...

You won't find any body shame here. Taking care of your body, making it strong, and fueling it with good food are all examples of body love.

Anonymous said...

those are great examples of body love, but unfortunately, lithe's food doesn't seem to be entirely about that.

"no-muffin top loaf, ""a-list abs," and
"bikini salad" are all examples of body-shaming rhetoric that prizes thinness over health. you'll find the same language in garbage-y women's magazines that have been pushing the "love yourself as long as there is less of you to love!!!" message for decades. it isn't cute or fun, it is just saddening and tiresome.

kellywhitephillips said...

The names may be playful but the message that Lithe puts out there is more positive than you think. The focus is to be fit, hip, and healthy rather than "thin". Go to a class, speak to an instructor, you'll see what I mean very quickly.

I think we need to stop tiptoeing around food items like the "Cheesy Double Decker Taco" instead of criticizing Bikini Salad. That doesn't get us anywhere.

I'm sorry that you feel the way you do, but I love the names, knowing that I'm making smart choices for my body.

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