Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Second Date: Amande Almondmilk Yogurt

Good news for non-dairy yogurt fans. Amande has had some work done...

The reactions to my review of Amande Almondmilk Yogurt were both mixed and passionate. Thanks to those who commented, I'll admit I was not expecting a new non-dairy yogurt to become such a popular topic of debate or my most-read post. I'm not the only one obsessed by my live cultures...

Check out my original review. I was pretty let-down.

The makers of Amande came upon the post and contacted me. The strawberry yogurt that I tried was from their very first production run, and they have since made some changes to the texture after taking into account some of the comments. They have also added plain and vanilla yogurt in a 24oz size and offered to send me those to sample, promising that they were much smoother in texture than the berry flavor. They have been increasing the almond content, also.

Well, with smooth customer service like that, I was happy to try it again. I had been meaning to give the yogurt another go. You always hope that a product you're not thrilled about at first will improve its recipe.

The very next day, a box loaded with ice packs and large tubs of yogurt arrived. I immediately popped off the lid and inspected the texture. It looked incredibly creamy...especially compared to the old photo of the strawberry.

New photo:

Old photo:

I stuck a spoon in and gave it a swirl - fluid, not gummy. Lifted the spoon out, watched the yogurt trickle down gracefully, nothing sticky about it. The consistency has indeed improved.

The taste? The almondmilk flavor of the yogurt takes some getting used to - the plain had a nutty, sweet flavor to it, rather than the tart flavor of soy or coconut yogurt. I like my yogurt tart, because I'm a former greek yogurt fan. 

But this was very like-able...if this had been my first experience with Amande, I would have been much happier with it.

The strong point? It is thick and creamy. Soy yogurt can be runny and thin, but Amande has nice body. 

I mixed in some granola and berries, and found it much more palatable than on its own. I preferred the plain over the vanilla flavor.  

For the final test, I made an Almond Berry Chia Oat Parfait with chia seeds, cacao nibs, berries, and a splash of almond milk layered with Amande Plain. I drizzled the tiniest strand of agave nectar on top. It was cool, tart, refreshing, summer in a glass.

Thanks, Amande, for considering the feedback and improving the yogurt, and sending this picky-yogurt eater some samples! 

Have you all tried the plain and vanilla yet? 


Miss Rachel's Pantry said...

I loves it.

Natalie @ AngstLovesSpinach said...

I will certainly give it a try now - it's getting toward yogurt weather anyway. And your parfait looks fabulous!!

Sara Spock said...

I tried the vanilla and found it really sweet with a strange aftertaste. I think I'll just end up using it in smoothies, since I bought the big container at my local Wegman's.

Adam said...

i tried it too when it first came out, and i liked it, but it was definitely more like a gluey custard than yogurt.. but i was sooo excited when i recently discovered the large containers of plain and vanilla.. i love that they're soy-free as to not overdo it on the soy in my diet, also that they're not as high in fat as the coconut milk yogurts (albeit good fats), and they're sweetened with fruit juice as opposed to refined sugar.. so i have to say i have a new favorite yogurt :)

@stampylisa said...

ok, the frozen one was disgusting. I will give the cherry a try this weekend. and come back to report!