Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Hummus.

There was Fat Free Hummus. Now there's Super Hummus. Can you really improve upon hummus? One of the healthiest spreads out there?

Super Hummus from Nasoya claims to have "Twice the Protein and Half the Fat" of regular hummus. Is anyone worried about overdoing it on hummus? Even restaurant hummus drizzled with oil and rich with tahini is still a wonderful choice.

If you really want to up the nutrition and lessen the fat in your hummus, make it at home so that you know what is going into it. Add nuts or seeds to boost the protein. Walnut Butter Hummus or Edamame Hummus are great ideas.

So how does Super Hummus pull this off? They add soybeans and soy milk powder (non-GMO soy, sexy) but they also add my personal non-favorite "Natural Flavors" (whatever that means) and Sugar (in the Classic variety).

Now, I make my own hummus on occasion and it has never dawned on me to add sugar. It seems silly. The Super Hummus Spinach flavor did not have sugar and looked a little more interesting, so that's what I chose.

Since Nasoya primarily makes tofu products that are a good standard, I had high hopes for the hummus. But, well, it wasn't so super...I mean, there are only 4 grams of protein in a serving, which doesn't seem like something you'd brag about on your label and in your marketing. It's good, but the consistency doesn't speak hummus to me. It's thick and a bit pasty. I'll finish the package, but I wouldn't buy it again.

There is a brand available in Philadelphia called Wakim's that just so happens to be lower in fat and is very tasty as well. I have been buying it because it's a few bucks cheaper than the other brands (under $3!) and has cool flavors like Spinach, Scallion, and Tomato & Basil. It ranges from 1 - 3 grams of fat per serving, if that matters. I'm just not sure that it's Hummus, people! Enjoy it in moderation (although I don't think I've ever stuck to a single serving). By moderation, I mean eat 1/4 of the package instead of the whole thing.

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Holly said...

My mother is a huge fan of hummus! I'll definitely have to tell her about edamame hummus in particular. Too bad I didn't have that recipe pre-Mother's Day.