Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vegan Brats at Frankford Hall.

This vegan brat fondly remembers that summer of Spaten-drinking in Munich - gartens, halls, and pretzels before every meal. 

I long to go back one day (except this time I'll probably drink more wine and less beer). Until then, there's the latest Stephen Starr entry, Frankford Hall in Fishtown. 

~It's a modern take that makes sense. 
~It's vegan-doable (the vegetarian sausage is vegan and so is the pretzel and the salad). 
~It's inexpensive and hyper-casual.
~There's spicy mustard that makes your nose burn. 
~And for the non-beer-drinkers, there's some tasty Riesling.

Some advice: Don't sit near the ping pong tables. Buy your pretzel from the pretzel girls walking around (the pretzels are bigger). Skip the valet, as you probably should take a cab home in your post-beer-hall condition. Sit by the windows! It just feels right.

This is my Fishtown. I grew up here and every new addition makes me feel like my little hometown has grown as much as I have.

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sara said...

man that looks good. i wish my town had a place to get beers, pretzels and vegan brats!