Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vegan Lunch Club, Back for Seconds.

I was lucky to have the delightful Miss Rachel offer to bring me lunch last Friday. She suggested the Torta with seitan, bean mayo, and avocado on a wheat roll. Free lunch delivered to me that involves seitan? Yes, please, knees weak.

For those of you who don't know, Miss Rachel delivers $10 vegan lunches to West Philly on Wednesdays and Center City on Fridays. Sometimes it just feels nice to have someone make you lunch. For details on how to order, check out her site and this week's menu.

Earlier this year, I did a Vegan Lunch Club video at Josh's old office, but he's since been working from home and in NYC. So we had not ordered any lunch from Rachel since the video and I had been wanting to do a follow-up.

On to it...Tortilla Soup and Torta: The soup was fresh and vibrant. I took a few spoonfuls and then finished it after my sandwich. I liked it even more cold, as it was gazpacho-like. The seitan was juicy and well-seasoned, the bean mayo had a kick to it, and cool avocado slices don't hurt. The wheat roll is a nice switch over the seitan sandwich we had the first time - a crusty, artisan roll.  My lunch also came with a chewy, buttery chocolate chip cookie and an apple.

If you're downtown and strapped for time or have an office meeting that you need catered, this is a convenient and tasty way to do lunch.

I had to take a shot of the pretty sandwich...thanks, Rachel!


A and J said...

That looks amazing. We're going to do this at some point... soon. SO glad she delivers to U. City!

Miss Rachel's Pantry said...

Thanks, sweet lady! Your photos are lovely. Glad you enjoyed. xo