Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bar Crawl.

If you must succumb to a bar this week, I have two current, haunting picks.

At left is an exfoliating vegan soap bar from Wembe Amazonian Soul. The Green Blue River Blend smooths and soothes any rough soles and makes your feet softer than a baby's. There are blends for all of your body needs, all priced under $10. [photo via Wembe]

To the right we have the finest chocolate fix I can think of, the type of bar that steals away any notions you had of just having one bite. I discovered this chocolate at Organic Avenue a few months ago and have been inhaling it ever since. Most special to me, though, is the Cacao & Coconut Chunky Bonbon and the consistency is like deep, dangerous fudge. I have a hard time believing that the entire bar is only 140 calories and 4 grams of sugar. Which easily makes it a healthy dessert habit. [photo via fine & raw]

If it means cutting out a glass of wine or two to budget for these, well, you know the bar that I would choose.

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