Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Horizons: The Next Course.

The rightful topic of conversation amongst food lovers in general and my fellow vegans around town has drifted to the closing of Horizons and opening of their New Restaurant where vegetables will reign in September.

I'm excited. We should be. People need to do new things, even if we love what they're already doing.

So I'm thinking back on my very favorite restaurant in the entire world, which has been serving me for too-many-and-yet-never-enough years. I've been on quite a few dates there (part of my dating process was the does-he-appreciate-Horizons test), celebrated a birthday or two, spent the last two New Year's Eves counting down the courses, had a raw tasting menu that I'll never forget, and so on. I've come to know that the staff and the owners are the people you should trust your evenings to.

Dinner over the weekend...Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup and Crunchy Korean Seitan Tacos (plus salad, mushrooms, and beignets as well):

So stop by between now and July 2nd (closing night) and wish them luck on their exciting new venture.


Jena said...

I ate at Horizons on my birthday last December (first birthday as a vegan!) and was looking forward to making it an annual tradition. Looking forward to their new place and hoping it's just as awesome!

kellywhitephillips said...

Jena - I have a feeling it will be birthday-worthy.

Kelly said...

Mmm those tacos look amazing!

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