Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snack Time.

Snacks are almost law in my life. Working 20 feet from the kitchen on most days, I always schedule a technology break and find myself playing with food again.

Another thing I make time for? Photography. If you're dehydrating kale nachos, then you've got time to take a pretty photo.

My Kale Nachos and OCG Juice (Orange-Carrot-Ginger). Dehydrated kale chips with a zesty cashew cheese (nutritional yeast, cayenne, lemon).

Bento Box from Lithe Foods - those crispy chic peas are addictive and yes, I'm a sucker for fly packaging. Had to snap it.

A giant bowl of summer fruit with Silk Pure Coconut Milk, some overnight oats, and a dusting of cinnamon makes a kicky breakfast, but it's an energizing afternoon lift if you need one.

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