Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veg Out: Sweetgreen

Next time you're in University City, you really should eat a salad. At Sweetgreen.

I promise it will be worth it.

Normally I'd tell you to eat Ethiopian or Indian or one of the many vegan-lovely cuisines available to you in this part of the city, which holds some of the most creative flavors to be found if you're really sick of hummus plates and salads.

But I know that next time I head west, I'm going right back to Sweetgreen for one of the kick-ass salad bowls (compostable) and I may even get the exact same combination as above (mixed greens, cucumber, raw beets, white beans, quinoa, grapes, roasted tofu, carrot chili vinaigrette, and slice of multigrain bread on the side).

Why? Most salad bars have limp veggies that have been sitting out all day and are overpriced. Sweetgreen sources local and organic ingredients with compostable food packaging, they compost food scraps, and they use reclaimed materials in their design, all while offsetting their energy with wind power. As long as you don't get too crazy, a salad here is priced right, with much nicer ingredients than you'd find elsewhere.

And while all of this certainly makes me happy, they put the sass back in SALAD.

Everyone thinks they can make a great salad, but very few people can...I'm talking greens that actually taste fresh, a dressing that you made yourself, bread that bites like it was just baked, and ingredients that make sense, with a focus on what's seasonal and will actually be good.

Of course, we made our own combinations, but they had some well-balanced salads on the menu if you have a hard time choosing.

Do not miss out on the bread at Sweetgreen. We could not believe how good it was.

Yup. I'll be back. Get ready for Salad & a Movie Date tweets all summer long...sometimes I'm so exciting I can't even stand myself.

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