Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guiltless Pleasures.

One of the upsides to fully embracing a vegan lifestyle is that faux materials are so much more affordable than animal ones.

Mr. Vedge likes to joke around that if you tell me something is organic and vegan, I'll buy it, and if we ever have a Little Vedge, that's all they'll have to say to convince me to let them add it to the shopping cart.

Go with the Faux...A peek in my closet may reveal what looks like a TON of leather, croc, suede, and the like...but I assure you that most of it is man-made. That's all I shop for these days and thanks to online shopping and amazing designers (Olsenhaus, Vaute Couture, Stella McCartney), most of it meets my demand that it be fashion-forward and well-made.

TOMS knock-offs by Soda. Most TOMS are not vegan (they have suede insoles) and the ones that are labeled vegan have silly prints that I don't like. So I found these Soda flats that are ultra comfy and vegan and nearly did backflips. And yes, neutral! At $20 a pair! 

I've already put them on for several walks and they don't rub or feel cheap, so I may order them in different colors.

Moving on to accessories...J. Karma Boutique in Old City is where I find bags and wallets. They have a nice selection of Melie Bianco and Big Buddha, as well as vegan buttery leather wallets from Shiraleah Vegan Leather. I liked the simplicity of this one. You can find Shiraleah online at Alternative Outfitters.

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