Monday, July 4, 2011

Last Call at Horizons.

Saturday night marked the last dinner service at Horizons.

I savored every bite. The positive energy from the staff, the surge of late-night tables (including one fellow who announced that he had traveled from Brooklyn to dine at his very favorite restaurant in the world), Rich and Kate full of excitement about the future, going vegan paparazzi on the kitchen staff, late night happy hour with Natalie from Angst Loves Spinach, the food that I swear tasted better than it ever had.

The best way to tell it, though, is through photo.

As you might have guessed, I could not agree more with the name for their new restaurant.

Thanks for many years of vegetable bliss - the next two months will be a challenge without you!


Chrissy said...

Hi Kelli!
I saw you there but did not want to intrude. I was a littlestar struck! HAHA! I was with my boyfriend on the other side of the room. Big purple maxi dress. I had to be there on my favorite restaurants closing night. So delicious. He even ordered me a BBQ Seitan to go...
I'm really going to miss that place!

kellywhitephillips said...

Hey Chrissy!

I remember you. BBQ Seitan to! Hope to see you at Vedge!

Chrissy said...

Unfortunately my man dropped half of it on the ground outside. I still got to eat some though! I'll def be going to vedge!

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