Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raw Pad Thai.

I love raw spiralized veggie "pasta", so a sea vegetable "noodle" is right on by me...meet the kelp noodle. Or specifically, Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles.

Now let's talk about how we got to know each other...

I first tried kelp noodles at Pure Food & Wine in their pad thai dish, I was amazed by how filling and fun to eat they were. Especially with the sauce and all of the toppings. Instant must-have for me.

Luckily, I found Gold Mine Kelp Noodles at Essene Market for under $6 a package. This was my first sighting of the noodles in Philly. Not to be confused with the super-creepy shirataki noodles that are made from tofu. They just seem highly processed to me.

Why choose kelp? Kelp noodles make an excellent gluten and allergen free option and they're also rich in minerals. If you're looking for a lighter meal, these noodles kick in at a meager 6 calories per serving. 

This all translates to a healthier, raw pad thai that's 100% vegan (many pad thai recipes have fish sauce or eggs) and you add good fats like chopped peanuts or cashews and sesame oil to give this dish some real staying power. 

Combine sauce ingredients. Add veggies to sauce and let marinate for at least 15 minutes. Chop kelp noodles and add to veggies and sauce. Mix in crushed peanuts and garnish with additional cilantro and lime. Makes 3 servings.

There's no actual cooking involved, so throw this into your summer meal rotation.


Grace@ FoodFitnessFreshAir said...

That looks awesome. I've never heard of those noodles, but I'm picturing them like seaweed salad consistency. Either way, they look great!

Lauren said...

seems so simple and yet so delicious!
thanks for the recipe, will definitely be trying it out soon! :)

A and J said...

Looks so summery and delicious-- kinda hard to read the white text for the ingredients though!

Do kelp noodles taste like seaweed?

kellywhitephillips said...

They are neutral, they take on the flavor of whatever sauce you add. I'll adjust the color, thanks for letting me know!

Tiffany said...

I love kelp noodles! They sound perfect as part of raw pad thai.

Serviced apartments chiang mai said...

Great Thai recipe, my family loved it. Thanks.