Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Beet Chips.

Culton Organics is a badass one-man farm outside of Lancaster (get your hands on it at Headhouse Square Market) that specializes in rare breeds of produce.

Like white beets, for example.

Mr. Collin Flatt of the Feast was telling us about these must-try Beta vulgaris the other day, so when he and galfriend showed up at our place bearing such a thing, I was buzzed. I thought about making a beet and farro salad. Then I decided that I would really love some beet chips for a Thursday picnic. So I cranked up the oven (does anyone know about dehydrating beet chips? I assume it would take several hours) and got slice-happy.

They're sweet, delightfully crunchy, and kinda mimic regular potato chips, with the aftershock of beet flavor. You could totally con some non-beet-eaters into munching down on these.


Kelly (ShinyHappyVegan) said...

Ooh I am just about to go pick up some white beets in my CSA share this week and was wondering what to do with them- now I know!

A and J said...

Never seen white ones-- I love the Chioggia since they're so pretty inside. Truffle oil and beets sounds like a divine combo, though.

kellywhitephillips said...

I made two baking sheets' worth and 3 of us demolished them in one sitting. So if you have a lot of beets, make them all. This is one chip you can polish off without worrying about overdoing it.

Angela@veggievinyasa said...

Those look so good! I need to get a mandoline slicer ASAP.

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