Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fearless Chocolate.

Raw Chocolate Delivery... Fearless Chocolate sent me a box containing each of their raw chocolate bar flavors and their Eat Mail Monthly Subscription, which included these experimental spicy chocolate covered tortilla chips.

I didn't need much convincing, however.

I had formed my opinion of this chocolate company based in San Francisco days before, after discovering it in Philadelphia at Essene Market. The Green Tea Peppermint flavor was a gamble, but I instantly wanted to try all of the flavors. I'd been following Fearless on Twitter for weeks after hearing about it through Organic Avenue.

What's so special about Fearless? You'll notice that each bar has a bite "taken" out of it. That's because Fearless donates 1% of its annual profits to changemakers suggested by customers.

These chocolate bars are all vegan and organic, and as per their About Us statement:

"For those inspired by the rare nutritional wealth of raw cacao, FEARLESS offers chocolate bars crafted with a proprietary process yielding as much as 2-3x more antioxidants than conventional organic chocolate bars."
Here is the flavor line, which I've taken many bites out of...

Sweeet & Hot - Ginger spiced rather than heat spiced. Balanced by hibiscus.
Super Seeds - Has a crunch reminiscent of Nestle Crunch, except with real, clean cacao flavor.
Exploding Coconuts - Has a milk chocolatey flavor.
Dark as Midnight - Pure, dark, simple, blissful. Not bitter dark, though.
Green Tea Peppermint - Citrusy, with a delicate hint of mint that doesn't taste artificial like most mint chocolate bars.

Now I'm thinking about melting down one of the bars and covering some chips (amazing). If you're looking for a solid raw, organic chocolate bar, this is one of the best options that I've tried. I also really like Antidote Chocolate and Fine & Raw, but they are all pretty different. Antidote's bars seem fruitier, while Fine & Raw excels in its bon-bon, candy-bar-like creations.

Welcome to Philly, Fearless. I'm going to be taking a bite out of you regularly.

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Betty Soapmaker (aka Phaedra Martin) said...

Beautiful! We (The Soap & Paper Factory) are devout FEARLESS fans, too! And now we're "Living on the Vedge" fans, as well! XO