Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Juice Series II: Miracle Tonics.

I try to drink juice every day if I can. It doesn't always happen, but I manage to get in a couple of juices per week in addition to my regular diet. I  use juice as a snack or a morning beverage, sometimes a light meal.

I think cleanses are brilliant for a lot of people. What works for my body? My idea of a cleanse is not just juice. I always fit in raw food and nuts (at least one meal). I'll go raw for a few days if I'm feeling "clogged" or lethargic, and this always fixes me right up. Still, nothing soothes me like a nutrient-packed round of juice.

I spent a few days eating high-raw (I was battling allergies at the time and this seemed to help) and then picked up my Pangaea Earth Foods juice order in Rittenhouse. You can read my intro with juice goddess Erika from Pangaea here.

The Juice Line-up...

Juice 1: Holy Basil, Spinach-Apple-Basil-Lemon-Ginger, 145 calories, $10

That's purple basil from the Rittenhouse Farmer's Market in the background there. This juice was velvety and on the thick side. I expected the basil to be bitter but it was herb-y and sweet. This blend was more exciting than my regular green juice and you taste the basil over anything else. The name is perfect. I was so energized after drinking this.

Juice 2: Spicy Lemonade, Lemon-Purified Water-Hot Pepper-Agave, 110 calories, $8

I make spicy lemonade with cayenne often but I was not anticipating just how peppery this lemonade would be. I took a giant gulp of it needing something to refresh me during my juice haul. This juice packs major HEAT. I have a high tolerance for spicy food (finally) but I had to drink this in shots..it just wasn't my favorite juice. If you don't like spicy, then you may want to go for the Watermelon Detox.

Juice 3: Watermelon Detox, Watermelon-Mint, 135 calories, $8

Pure watermelon and mint, can't really go wrong with this juice. I found it a little on thick side so I sipped it with a straw. This was quite mellow and refreshing, perfect for sipping poolside.

I've had watermelon juice from Organic Avenue (the whole watermelon including rind) and I found it to be a little too powerful with the watermelon. The Pangaea blend with the mint is very balanced.

I was so full from this juice. We met my sister-in-law at Opa for dinner and I ended up ordering a cucumber soup. I tasted a few bites here and there, but I felt so satisfied and woke up on Sunday morning feeling recharged and hydrated.

Juice 4: Miracle Tonic, Carrot-Apple-Celery-Lime-Ginger-Mint, 145 calories, $9

Vibrant, smooth, and very easy to drink. I drank this on Sunday morning after yoga and it was one of my favorites. Again - energized and sated.

Juice 5: Almond Lover, Almonds-Dates-Cinnamon-Agave-Vanilla, 400 calories, $10

I drank a little bit of this on Saturday and had a few shots on Sunday. It was nutty, sweet, and obviously the heaviest and richest of the batch. It's best to drink the nut milks at night, but I ate dinner on both nights and just wasn't up for it. If I was doing a full cleanse, I would probably be craving this all day because it's the most filling and meal-like of the drinks. I would consider drinking this as breakfast because it is that dense and nutritious.

Final Thoughts:

I'd love to try some of the other drinks, but I did walk away with a few favorites that I'd drink again and again. The prices are fair and I like the glass bottle ethos. Oddly, I did not like the lemonade because of the peppers and that is the only drink I would not try again. The Holy Basil and Miracle Tonic are incredible.

If you try the cleanse or any of the juices, let me know what you think! Check out the Pangaea Juice Menu

Philadelphia is getting juicier than ever and I couldn't be more pleased about that. What other juice cleanses have you tried? What works for you? 


amanda said...

love your juicy posts! how does the green juice compare to the lithe greenie? i'm hooked on that one but can't wait to try pangaea now too. thanks!

kellywhitephillips said...

I'm a Lithe Greenie fan, too. I would say the Greenie has more of a sour lemon flavor and the Holy Basil is more of an herbal green juice. The Basil is also a bit thicker. Depends on your mood!