Monday, August 1, 2011

Juice Series: Pangaea Earth Foods.

Sisters Erika and Jennifer Ianoale are the juicing duo behind Pangaea Earth Foods, a line of pressed juices in recyclable glass bottles. The sisters believe that natural food is the body's medicine.

The 16-ounce drinks are available at the Art of Bread in Narberth or for pick-up at Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa (another LotV fave!) in Rittenhouse Square. Cleanses cost $50 a day in 1, 3, or 5 day packages.

Where do they seek out the best veggies? "Reading Terminal, Gentiles Markets, The Food Distribution Center and we have our herbs organically grown", says Erika.

Take your pick from green juices, spicy or sweet juices, bottled smoothies like the Aphrodisia (young coconut meat, coconut water, maca powder, cacao powder, raw cacao nibs, dates, agave) and vegan nut milks like almond and brazil nut. Which of the juices is Erika's drinking?

"I love anything green, my favorite right now is Holy Basil (spinach, apple, basil, lemon, ginger). It is so energizing, refreshing and makes my tastebuds happy."

Erika is also an aestheticism at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. "I believe that what you put in your body really has an effect on the outside, so I try to feed my skin well and educate my clients, family and friends to do the same."

Pangaea is currently searching for a storefront space to expand with raw and vegan options that are carried in fitness studios and natural food stores throughout the city.

Check out the Pangaea Juice Menu. In my next post, meet the juices! I'll be trying out some of Pangaea's creations.

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