Monday, August 22, 2011

New York Salad Days.

Last weekend, the only thing on my mind was walking away. I scheduled a No Technology day. It was also a No Husband day, although he relaxes me more than anything else.

How'd I fare? Well, I cheated. I ended up taking my camera and tablet on the road to New York with me. I did some light work, because I could not help myself. But mostly, I read on the Kindle app and tapped out more tweets than usual. Unplugging is nice in theory.

Raw, vegan lunch break. I did zone out with a Spicy Sesame Salad with wasabi aioli in the garden at Pure Food & Wine...followed by the requisite Mint Sundae. Now, I don't always have to "share" and only document things I want to freeze in time. Like this:

I had some fashion adventures set for the afternoon, then grabbed a green juice from Organic Avenue for the trip home. I also came away with Walnut Ginger Zinger Granola by Good Stuff by Mom & Me: sprouted buckwheaties, sprouted walnuts & seeds, sesame, date, flax, lemon, spices. Then had it for Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast because I'm HOOKED. Chopped peaches, bananas, and almond milk to bulk it up.

Here's a recipe for buckwheat cereal from Choosing Raw, if you're interested. I have a stash of buckwheat groats and one of these days I will make a batch.

Back in Philly, I met up with Mr. Vedge at the Farmer's Cabinet to hear the Hot Sardines. We sipped a few cocktails and had some pickles (carrots, green beans, mushrooms, and cukes) before slipping out. We enjoy the occasional drink there and have been spending a lot of time in the 12th and 13th Street "Midtown" area.

I'm visiting a very special place later today...

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Jessie said...

Just ate at Pure and had the sesame salad and mint sundae. SO good! :)