Sunday, August 14, 2011

Power Snacks.

Here's what I'm into lately. The past week in particular has been a mad dance of exciting meetings, with little time left for food projects. It's the power snacks that are driving me.

I recommend stocking up on One Lucky Duck Cheese-y Quackers (the sexy cheese cracker) and Striped Cinnamon Squares (made from almonds and crunchy like biscotti), especially if you're starting a new semester or feeling the lag of late summer. These are my secret to keeping my head in the game. Especially now that I rarely drink coffee (it zaps my energy after that quick initial jolt). Since both snacks contain almonds, they stick with you longer than the non-raw versions and provide additional nutrition, perfect for the over-worked types in need of an immune boost. Got all that? Good old-fashioned nuts'll do, too, but not as fun.

They're also really addictive, so you might want to budget for that. Is an MBA worth it? Yes. In raw snack buying power alone.


Josie said...

Do you have a recommendation for where to purchase 'raw nuts'?

kellywhitephillips said...

We shop at Nuts to You - there are a couple of locations downtown:

Center City - 7th and Walnut
Center City - 13th and Walnut
Center City - 20th and Chestnut

laceylovesfood said...

Those striped cinnamon squares look like some old school sweets that involved coconut. I have no idea what they're called. Looks delicious!