Friday, August 19, 2011

Warby Parker Try-ons.

Help me pick my new glasses.

Trying on glasses at home is a real eye-opener, and the dorkiest thing I could possibly say to describe my Warby Parker Home Try-on experience. Warning: You may want to keep all five pairs.

I picked out my five and they were shipped to me right away. I did not expect to find a winner among the bunch (I normally try on dozens of pairs at the eye doctor) but Warby Parker's website is incredibly detailed and helpful, you can even virtually try on any of the glasses to help you find a good fit. So the glasses arrived as if they were made custom to fit my face - everything felt right.

Remove the bad lighting, unflattering mirrors, and stacks of frames of all different prices that make up the typical eyeglasses-buying ritual.

At home, I was free to snap away photograph after photograph so that I could really see how the glasses looked, was able to examine each pair closely without feeling rushed, and had a lot of fun doing it...

Shopping for glasses has never held the same excitement as, say, shopping for new boots. It's tough for me because I wear mine all day long and need to put comfort over style. I try to go for a minimalist look. But with my new, geometric-shaped haircut, I knew I wanted to go a little bolder.

At $95, I could easily see myself investing in a few pairs. When I finally place my order, Warby Parker will contact my eye doctor for my prescription and ship my pair with lenses for free. They'll also donate a pair to someone in need. It sounds seamless, and so far it has been.

The quality? The glasses seem well made and as good as any, if not better. Frames are all cheap anyway, and it's the lenses that cost. The markup on eyewear is incredible. The Warby Parkers all seemed much nicer than my current pair, which was much more expensive.

Now I have a decision to make. I'm torn between Pair 1: Reece (shown in tortoise, but I would order in Blue Black) and Pair 2: Nedwin in Black Crystal.

The Reece has more attitude, the Blue Black color is edgy, yet still casual enough to wear every day.

The Nedwin is professional, slightly nerdy, the type of image that I project in my work affairs. I felt more serious wearing these, and a little bit like a prim librarian who is really a former felon and has hot pink toenails.



Who would you rather have drinks with?


A and J said...

They are both adorable! I think the Reese are more approachable (ie drinks) but Nedwin rocks. If they were mine, I'd pick Nedwin.

Anonymous said...

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