Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fit Hip Healthy Trunk Show at Lithe Method.

Put me in a room with a bunch of clothes, vegan snacks, and ladies of Lithe Method, and I don't even know where to start. It's Candy Land for me. Kale Salad Land? A board game that Lithe Children would play.

Last night's Fit Hip Healthy Trunk Show featured designer Bela Shehu of NINO Brand and Lithe Wear Studio + Street along with Lithe Foods samples and serious discounts. Faux leather leggings, the always glowing Lauren Boggi and the alluring Bela Shehu, walnut pate, meeting new Lithers, it was all a delicious mix for me.

Lithe Foods included kale salad, walnut pate, vegan mousse on banana chips, and vegan cheesesteak wraps...

One of my favorite pieces from the NINO rack was this gray jacket - the fabric was soft and warm, the sleeves were dramatic, and the clingy cut was something I could live in.

Perusing the collection with Bela...

Can't get enough gray...

Josie Scarpelli McIntyre, a fellow Lither that I met for the very first time in person, at right, with a friend. Josie, who is currently camera shopping, took many of the photos above, and let me play fashionista. Thanks, Josie! Looking forward to many raw food and aperture settings discussions with you!

I finally decided on a Lithe Wear tank (could be worn under a blazer before and after class) because of the cool gray color and the sexier low back. Lithe Method has done amazing things for my back. I never thought that having a sculpted back would be so important to me, but it makes a huge difference in how you carry yourself and how fit you look and feel. Every Lithe class helps. This tank will remind me to stand a little taller.

Thanks to the Lithe Team for a happenin' night of fierce fashion, fit food, and friendly faces.  

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