Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Philadelphia Cocktail Contest: My Favorite Competitor.

I'm entirely biased here, but I'm rooting for this guy as the winner of the Philadelphia Cocktail Contest.

The winner was decided last night and sealed into silence until the November issue of Philadelphia Magazine spills out.

Until then, my one-sided photo shoot with Josh Phillips, who went up first during the evening cocktail spree. Which lasted three hours. I know because I killed that time at the Franklin a few blocks away, got to know some of the friendly critters that hang out at Rittenhouse Square afterhours, and then wandered over to steal him away for a second. He solemnly told me they had another drink left and that it would be 45 minutes.

Luckily, his proud parents (gotta give them credit for nurturing Josh's passion throughout the years) were making vegan scallion pancakes a few blocks away, because they are that cool, and so I went to join them.


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