Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Veg Out: Jasmine Rice

New Thai? Balmy weekend? Following visits to Sawatdee and Circles, I was compelled to try the newest Thai restaurant, Jasmine Rice on 16th Street. Yes, I was seeking heat.

But I didn't quite get what I asked for.

For a Sunday night on opening week, the seats were full at Jasmine Rice and the kitchen wasn't ready for a deluge of diners. Our server apologized about the wait and explained that they were understaffed and were out of a few items (we scored the last order of spring rolls and the last of the tofu). Understandable, and I'm sure they'll be better prepared in the future.

Now on to the food. Our appetizers came out quickly enough. Crispy Spring Rolls went over well with our table, but the Golden Triangle Tofu wasn't thrilling, flavor-wise. My Lemongrass Soup was impressive, fragrant, spicy, with vegetables that were tender with just enough snap to them. This soup would be so soothing on a chillier day.

One thing I noticed when we finally received our entrees was that all our dishes and the soup all had the same vegetables.  This is a minor peeve of mine, because I always think of it as uninspired and corner-cutting. Or maybe they were running low on the veggies for the various entrees?

Either way, I think I have to return to Jasmine Rice on a slower day after they get in the swing of things. I was pretty let down by my Pad Thai, which was too sweet, and not spicy at all. I had asked for spicy, so had Mr. Vedge, and I don't think we were taken seriously. Resulting in bland dishes..that were cooked well and would have been so much better with some heat. Our table also ordered a Massaman Curry and a Red Curry. The red curry was the spiciest of all and the one I enjoyed the most. The Massaman appeared to be missing a key component: potatoes.

It's hard to compare any place to Circles, as there is just nothing else like it here in Philadelphia. Jasmine Rice is like a lot of other Thai restaurants in Philadelphia, with a nicer setting and very reasonable prices. I'll be returning for lunch and begging for no mercy just to see what they can do a second time around.


David said...

The food looks absolutely delicious!

Irene @ H.V.R. said...

Delicious! Can't wait to share this with my hubby! I am sure he would love this.

pattaya apartments said...

That pad Thai looks very delicious, but it does look like it lacks spice. Thanks.