Friday, October 28, 2011

Lithe Goodies.

It's so refreshing to have inspired options during a season where we are confronted by sugar-laden and heavy foods that make us want to take a nap.

I've been enjoying my fair share of Lithe Foods lately, the "lean, local, seasonal" line of foods from Lithe Method, that are available at both the Old City and Rittenhouse locations. I usually grab pressed juice, lunch and snacks from the studio whenever I go. It's convenient, I know it's healthy and vegan and comprised of ingredients that I will feel good about, and it will keep me energized through a busy day of work.

Lucky for me, Lithe Method let me sample some of their fall foods (there's pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple everything right now) and here are two of the items that I'll be snacking on this Halloween weekend.

The Lithe Lemonade: Carrot Ginger is a kicky, gingery way to take lemonade into the fall, plus it gets bonus points for being orange. The Apple Chips with Pumpkin Cream and Raw Caramel are far superior to the apple chips you buy at the store. They practically melt in your mouth and the cream? It's worth doing lunges for.

Other fall faves that I've tasted include the Harvest Apple Quinoa, the Oat Cakes with Pumpkin Almond Cream & Raw Caramel, and the Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with Black Bean Sauce. The Spring Rolls are a taste of Thanksgiving fusion at its finest.

Now I need to decide which class to pair those spring rolls with.

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Jessica said...

The pumpkin cream is worth doing lunges for!