Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend in Ithaca.

Put the things we love in one town. Wine, vegan food, yoga, farmers markets, hills, waterfalls, whiskey, composting, baked goods, Cambodian food, pumpkins, co-ops, free parking after 5pm, smart coffee, hospitality, getting lost, learning something. That was Ithaca.

I didn't know there was a beef sign behind me.
Josh was fully prepped for his interview at Cornell and we came into town wondering if this was a place we could live for a year if all went well...

Well? I went home with the t-shirt.


celyn said...

Love this pictorial!

Anonymous said...

I grew up about half an hour from Ithaca and am so excited that you might move to Upstate New York. I miss it and the seasons so much. It's so beautiful there! Ithaca is where I drove to as a veggie 16-year-old "outsider" in the '90's to hang out and see some non small town culture. You'll love it. I've been trying to find a way to move back to that area for a while, after 8 years in Philly, which I am done with. Make sure you try the vegan "half moon" cookies at Green Star Coop (known as "black and whites" everywhere outside of Ithaca; I think at Green Star they make them as yin-yang symbols, though).

Natalie @ Angst Loves Spinach said...

beautiful! the farmers market looks awesome and those nature pics are great! Does the shirt mean you already know he was accepted or just hoping?

kellywhitephillips said...

We may not know until January...hopefully sooner!

It is achingly beautiful there and the air smells so clean and alive. I had to be forcefully dragged out of Green Star - I wanted to try everything! I will get those cookies..

The farmers market impressed me. I thought the selection was so much better than Headhouse Square here in Philly with the bonus of having great vegan food and baked goods to eat while there. I can't think of many markets here that have so much variety.

I'm going to try to tamper down my excitement until then..but what a great weekend getaway! The drive isn't bad at all.