Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Hour, Vedge-Style.

Happy Hour at my home-away-from-home, Vedge Restaurant. The happy hour menu runs from 5-6pm (the full menu is still available) from Monday through Friday and offers a generous selection of $2 beers, $5 cocktails and wines, and the curious $2 cider shot, which we promptly had to try.

As far as snacks, there are currently two options: the Korean Seitan Taco and the Smoked Portabella Taco, both priced at $4 each. The seitan taco is extremely satisfying. It silenced me for a minute. Mr. Vedge preferred the portabella. It's like we switched taste preferences for the night.

We then disappeared into Vedge's Cocktail Lounge. We were so entranced with the opening and the full dining experience at Vedge, that we hadn't "hung out" and had a casual night. A rainy Tuesday simply called for it. I could easily see us ending most nights in here, especially when we're not ready to go home yet and want one last after-dinner drink.

While getting cozy, we required some snacks, namely the Golden Beet Tartare from the Lounge Menu, along with the Crispy Cauliflower and an obligatory delicious cocktail from Bartender Dan. We ended back at the bar for a salad and some olives before putting an end to our happy hour/early dinner. 

Vedge is versatile...keep it casual or go all the way, whatever you're in the mood for. I've pretty much ordered different items every single time and varying amounts of food depending on how I feel. I love this mode of dining. Have you been to Vedge? Let me know what you're digging.


Lauren said...

Looks AMAZING! We're going on Friday night, when I get home from this awful business trip. :)

JL goes Vegan said...

Yum! I'll be in Philly in January for work and I am SO going!

kellywhitephillips said...

JL - You will LOVE it. Can't wait to read your review.

Lauren - Enjoy, it is the perfect post-business-trip reminder of why it's good to be home...

Chrissy said...

I want to go bad!