Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Book Cover Case Giveaway!

What does this giveaway have to do with the vegan lifestyle?

One of my greatest kitchen tools is my Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet. I stand there, in tree pose at the kitchen counter every morning, sipping my green tea almond milk latte and catching up on my email and latest tech news on my favorite app, News360. At dinnertime, I tap away at the screen pulling up vegan recipes with ease.

To protect my tablet from whatever culinary shenanigans I get up to, I wanted a case that would mold better with my tablet and not attract flour and dust as easily as my old case did. The Book Cover ($59.99) is the perfect case for me.

So I'm giving one away to a reader. The case only fits a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1, of course, so if you have one or plan on getting one or know someone who has one, this would be a great gift.

To enter, follow me on Twitter and tweet the following: "Want to win a Galaxy Tab Book Cover? @onthevedge is giving 1 away at"

Good luck!