Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vedge Restaurant Preview

Vedge is the new vegetable restaurant that will reinforce how much you actually love vegetables.

At Friends & Family night and again at last night's preview party, I felt like I was dining at a wonderful, exciting new restaurant that prepared unique vegetable dishes that anyone could salivate over, in a room full of people who simply enjoy trying food.

It's beautiful food that says, to me, "We should be eating more vegetables and why shouldn't it be stylish and provocative?"

Owners Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby did such a remarkable job working with the space at 1221 Locust, making it feel welcoming, intimate, sophisticated, and ready for the future. Between the impressive marble bar that you enter to, the cozy cocktail lounge off to the side, the two elegant dining rooms, and the relaxed vegetable bar, the adventure you choose is up to you.

I want to spend a lot more time in the lounge, shown below...

There was plenty of tofu and seitan to be had in addition to those vegetables. The grilled tofu is one of my favorites and appeared on the menu on Saturday (along with the seitan, tofu banh mi, and the steak spice seared tofu to name a few others). The portions are appropriately sized and encourage you to sample more of the menu. We did 3 appetizers, 5 bigger dishes with 2 desserts and were quite full (with some leftovers to go home with).

Opening is tonight, no liquor license yet, but complimentary wine and beer will be offered.


Johanna said...

Not only is it a fantastic name for a restaurant, but I love that you're putting another vegan restaurant on the map.

Natalie said...

OMG I love it and can't wait to go! I will be happy to spend a lot of time with you in that cocktail lounge, too! My husband will be thrilled the seitan is still there. I need to make a reservation ASAP!