Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Wrapped Up at Blackbird Pizzeria. New Items!

Blackbird Pizzeria. I love a few slices of Blackbird pizza, but I rarely order sandwiches. Why? I'm more of a wrap fan. The wrap is one of my preferred lunch vehicles. I love how ingredients are truly married inside instead of just piled on a regular sandwich. If the wrap is prepared correctly, you tend to get more filling than base, while with a sandwich, the bread takes center stage and the filling can get lost...Wraps. They're more fun. They defeat leftovers.

So when Blackbird tweeted about their newest additions - Chickpea Tuna Wrap, Grilled Vegetable Wrap, and Lemon Pepper Tofu Wrap, I made a lunch run to give these wraps their close-up...

Another new addition is the Chickpea Parm Sandwich, which is not available on a wrap for logistical reasons, but I will definitely go on a sandwich bender to try out this delicious-sounding thing in future times.


As far as flavor goes, both of these wraps are tasty for different reasons. If you like cool, creamy wraps made with hummus or vegan chicken salad, the Chickpea Tuna is a winner. There is a serious amount of onions but it totally works here and adds tons of flavor to the laidback chickpea spread. 

 If you prefer wraps that are grilled and veggie-based with more crunch, the Grilled Vegetable is the better choice, with those killer mushrooms and sharp broccoli rabe and peppers. I really enjoyed all of the veg going on here and it varied more with each bite compared to the Chickpea Tuna.

It all depends on your mood. The tofu wrap and chickpea parm will make it so hard to choose.  

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The Cozy Herbivore said...

Oooh, I love Blackbird. Although you're not a big sammie fan, I have to recommend their BBQ portobella mushroom sandwich. Worth the bread. :)