Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Cross My Heart. New Lululemon Gear.

New gear! I've been holding out for new fitness clothing. Lately I've just been less than enthused by all of the strange yoga harem pants and tutus and things that I can't really justify buying and still look at myself honestly in the mirror without wondering when it all went wrong...

In true geek fashion I was overly disappointed that the Galaxy Nexus phone isn't launching today. I was so frustrated in fact that all I could do was count all of the cute dogs in Rittenhouse and try on the latest from Lululemon to right my mood. Verizon, we are NOT good.

Instead of that new phone of all phones, I found solace in soft-and-cozy tech fleece lined Run: Turn Around Tights in Heathered Deep Coal. I don't even run outside! But I do speed walk to classes and the gym, and in this suddenly brisk weather, my thinner crops just won't suffice. These pants fit snug and make my legs look even longer. They have reflective dots on the bottom that I wasn't thrilled with at first, but who knows, maybe they'll be handy when I'm walking back in the dark from class. And best, they are reversible! A feature I always look for in Lulu pants, because you get more mileage out of the look. They are the same coal on the other side, minus the striped waistband. Not that different, but I'll take it.

The Smoky Rose Rehearsal Bra that I tried on with the pants paired so well that I added it to my little black void that can sometimes be filled with pretty things. Oh, dark! I'm so bitter about the Nexus. I haven't tested out how supportive it is yet, but it's designed for dance, which is good enough for me. I usually look for light-to-medium support but I'm guessing this would not be great for someone that's more generously endowed than I. 

Lastly, I tried the Cross My Heart Tank (not on the website yet). The newest tanks fit much much better and seem more flattering. The Hot N Sweaty Tank is another good one, but I wanted a top with better coverage since I have so many lighter tanks like Power Y Tanks and Cool Racerbacks. I have been sweating hard and I'm loving the results. I also chose this tank because it looked a little more fun, layered, and different with the straps and back details. There is a bra closure inside.

FAB FAUXHAWK ROUND! If I was a chef you know my hair would look like this. Gray steel.


Anna said...

Great haul! I would like to get the cross my heart tank but have to order it overseas. Shipping is 30$:-/. Do you think this tank will fit me as I'm large chested and muscular?

kellywhitephillips said...

Not sure what the return policy is for international. I usually wear a 32 bra size and I got this tank in a size 4. This tank is true to size compared to other Lulu tanks. I would get whatever size you normally get. There is no adjustment on the straps but you can adjust the hooks on the interior shelf bra to 5 different closures. Good luck!

Anna said...

Thanks so much! It really helps to know that it's true to size. I do think I'm gonna order this top in paris pink as a treat for myself.

Happy holidays!

carbon 38 said...

Hey, you look just adorable in this new Lululemon workout gear. It looks fantastic and quite comfortable too. I also want to join gym and would like to have this one pair. Thanks a lot for sharing reviews about this gear.

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