Monday, January 9, 2012

Hydros: New Side Fill Filtering Water Bottle.

I've toted my Hydros bottle around all year to workouts and to different cities (watch my video review here) and fallen in love with its ability to save me money on pricey bottles of fancy water and instantly filter water from any sink. Initially, there were a few things that I wasn't so keen on: Chugging straight from the neck of the bottle gets a bit messy if you're in the middle of an intense session. Twisting off the cap took longer than necessary. There was no handle on the bottle, so carrying it around in my tiny fairy hands was a precursor to my imminent carpal tunnel.

Okay, really, I was quite happy with my bottle. It did its job and the water tasted great. But could it get better? I accidentally cracked my bottle against the door of my lobby and sent it flying across the room during one disastrous afternoon.

My Hydros bottle cracked. It had been through a lot but there was no way it was surviving a hit from the incredibly thick glass on that door. I nearly sobbed. But the kind folks over at Hydros assured me that there was a new side fill bottle that happened to be coming out that week. Full disclosure, they offered to replace my broken one. Their customer service has been excellent since the first day I communicated with them and this week, two sleek new bottles showed up.

Looks. Because you don't want to carry around a water bottle that looks like something you used in third grade, right? I liked the slightly different look of the newer BPA-free 16-ounce bottles, with colored caps and clear plastic bodies. There is a useful handle on the side which makes it much easier to carry around.

Functionality. The side fill filter was created to fit in most sinks. While I haven't had much of an issue filling my bottle, there are some tiny sinks out there that you just can't fit the bottle in. I spent a few minutes of confusion trying to figure out how to get the plastic off of my filter and how to unscrew the top, but after that I was good to go.

This filter lasts three months instead of two. While it says this bottle filters in 20 seconds, it actually takes longer in my sink because I have to use a low stream of water to keep it from overflowing. So around 30-45 seconds total for my sink, but not a big deal.

At first, the sliding top seemed stiff but after using it for a few hours it loosened up.

I was skeptical about the tiny drink spout at the top and tested it during a sweaty yoga practice. The small spout was a breeze to drink from, allowing me to actually intake more water with one quick sip, without any precious water splashing onto my face.

Bonus Feel-Good Points. Each purchase provides clean drinking water to one individual for an entire year.

Cost. $23.99 per bottle and $23.99 for a 3-pack of replacement filters. 9 months of water for $47.98? Compare that to a daily $2 water habit.

Bottom Line. This is a very efficient bottle with some great improvements over the original. If I had an original I would definitely upgrade after using this. After a few days with my old Lululemon bottle while waiting for my new bottle to arrive, I think self-filtering bottles are the way to go.


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