Friday, January 20, 2012


No secret that I am having a sordid affair with the vegan soft serve at Pure Fare. It's made from rotating nut milks whipped up in-house - so it changes every week. Sometimes it's wickedly creamy and reminiscent of my dream dessert (the cashew-and-coconut-based sundaes at Pure Food & Wine) and other days it's lighter and refreshing.  I think my favorite incarnation has been the peanut version a few weeks back. I could not believe how decadent it tasted. No weird ingredients...just clean, not-too-sweet flavors.


On February 1st, I'll be doing it up sundae-style once again at Pure Fare's Soft Serve and Butterfly Brittle Event at 8pm. Check out the details and consider joining me for the splendor:


meridith said...

i randomly stumbled upon your blog yesterday and i love it! i've lived in philadelphia for the last 10 years and thought i had been to every vegan/vegetarian place around, but you've definitely proved me wrong! i hope to try out some of these new (to me) places soon, so thanks for being an adventurous vegan.

kellywhitephillips said...

Having such an amazing base of readers is what keeps me inspired, so thank you!