Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Veg Out: Loco Pez

From left: Mushroom, Seitan, Soy Chorizo

Small. Saucy. Vegan. Developed in Fishtown. The veggie tacos at Loco Pez and I were to meet on common ground.

Mushroom. Soy chorizo. Seitan (a special). These were the vegan goods in a neighborhood cantina that is swiftly becoming known as worth its margarita salt. On a weekend, we were told a 45 minute wait, but,  quickly claimed 2 seats at the bar. Food arrives fast, though, so even the people waiting around us were seated within minutes in the diner-style dining area.

The bar takes up most of the space, and rightly so, because that's where the action was. My trio of tacos ($1.75 each) delivered with bright, fresh flavors. Homemade hot sauces made them even more satisfying (go for the unsuspectingly hot green one). The mushroom taco was the most interesting, but the seitan taco filling is well-cooked and the soy chorizo is impressive.

We also scooped up some guacamole. Normally I'd opt against adding tomato to guac in January, but Loco Pez turned out a righteous, chunkier guac that we gladly chipped away at. Summer made an appearance.

I respect that the menu is small, simple, and to the point. One thing that I did find missing was a vibrant Mexican-style salad to add to my more-chips-than-greens meal.

But I could not find any regrets in this festive taqueria, with its fish tank and Pez collection and friendly-yet-focused bartenders and inviting interior. Kind of like I don't regret my taco-shell-from-a-box childhood on Thompson Street. My life in tacos comes full circle.

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