Friday, March 9, 2012

Veg Out: JAR Bar

Blissed out on raw food...I first sampled some of Catalyst Cleanse's goods after a yoga class last fall, and have had my third eye on the opening of raw cafe, Jar Bar, since then. I was very impressed. Well, it's official, people, 113 S. 12th Street is your destination for healthy pleasures both "juicy and raw".

The space inside is cool and modern, with orange walls, counter seating and stools facing the window. If you don't mind the juicing sounds in the background, it feels calm, even during a lunch rush. During yesterday's soft open (today is the grand opening), I tried a few of the items...and nearly moaned out loud with satisfaction when I first sipped the Mint Chocolate Chip Elixir. I managed to keep it together.

Hemp milk, raw cacao nibs, mint extract...and then I added maca for $1 as an enhancer. It's like a frosty, if a frosty was nourishing and calming and not loaded with sugar. Pure refreshment.  Deeply fulfilling. Even after my lunch, I was minty fresh all afternoon.

Mr. Vedge enjoyed his elixir as well. Maca smoothies are for lovers.

For eats, I decided on the Burger (almonds, flax, carrot, celery) and fries (jicama, garlic, pepper, paprika). This raw burger was tasty, although it could use a topping to spice it up a bit. Cashew cheese or a zesty sauce? The jicama fries were well-spiced and had a satisfying crunch.

We also tried the Sprouted Hummus Wrap. I love a collard wrap, but we both agreed that it could use a spicy dipping sauce to kick it up. I am a sauce/condiment fiend.

Alas, I could not leave without more chocolate, so we took an avocado-based Chocolate Mousse Pie to go. Had it with my lunch today...smooth, rich, with a date crust. It'll take care of your chocolate needs.

I'd go back in a heartbeat.  This weekend, most likely. I look forward to trying the juices (which I prefer to drink on an empty stomach) and stocking up on kale chips and raw granola.  And of course, the food...I am elated to have a raw food cafe here in Philly after years of whining about the lack thereof.  Less whine, more juice.

Have you been to Jar Bar yet?


Shiny Happy Vegan said...

I ordered a bunch of stuff from last week.

Love: green juice, spicy lemonade, cashew milk, apple pie, salads, the sweet potato and zucchini pasta

Didn't like: carrot blend juice, macaroons, carrot cake

Leesy said...

wow! This all looks and sounds amazing!! I wished they had one of these in my area of Ohio-which has a resturant every 2 miles, non of which I might add is close to this kind of healthy...

The Cozy Herbivore said...

It's so nice to have more raw options in the city-- this place looks great! I can't wait to try a smoothie (or three)