Friday, May 4, 2012

Live from Ithaca

If you've been following me on Twitter at all, you know I've adjusted, um, quite well, to Ithaca after the move earlier this week. It's like a San Francisco (one of the cities that is most dear to me) that's cheating on the West Coast. Same laidback, hyper-granola everybody-composts vibe, slightly less giant hills (OH how my thighs ache), and some seductive summer-like weather with clean breezes.

Just walking around randomly here, you're likely to bump into a store that sells hemp products, a waffle house that serves vegan waffles with Earth Balance, a tea apothecary that has a raw foods demo going on inside, and animal rights activists doing their thing at Cornell. It's the greenest city I've ever been to, and I feel relaxed for the first time in months, even with the stress of living out of a suitcase for the past few weeks because of the move and London trip.

I'm having an interesting week...but I couldn't be more excited to unpack and immerse myself in the culture here.

Here's a peek at our new place. The view is what sold us on it. It overlooks a creek and I have taken to perching on the wooden ledge and gazing out like there's nothing better. We had some difficulty finding a modern space that was available here and took this apartment without driving up to see it first. We looked at photos, and were relieved when we finally saw it in person. It's bright, open, and waiting for furniture.

The kitchen, which is obviously a big deal to this couple, doesn't really compare to the old kitchen in Northern Liberties, but there's always the view and the fact that it's pretty open. We'll be adding in more counter tables and a shelf for the bar.

Overall, we have more space, and our LEED-certified building is quickly feeling like home. Compost downstairs, plus a big emphasis on recycling which was always lacking in building management in Philadelphia. Lots of green space and sculptures outside, too, and a baby waterfall a few feet away. Exterior therapy...

I'm almost ready to cook again (still unpacking) and I have been trying some amazing products that I found here in Ithaca which I'll be posting about soon. I'll ache for you at times, Philly, but this year will be good for me. And us. Go Flyers!

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