Sunday, May 20, 2012

Matcha Made in Heaven: My Take on the Matcha-tini.

It's no secret how I feel about wine. How I love to roll it around in my...OKAY.  I stick to a few glasses a week and I like to reassure myself that so many studies lean in red wine's favor, that yes, I will have another. It's mystifying, relaxing, it it pairs so well with food. Cocktails are a little more challenging to pair, and a lot easier to fuck up. I don't often drink a cocktail out, but if I do, it's an aperitif.

That said, cocktails are certainly a fun time, and when I am feeling FUN FUN FUN, I still don't stray too far from my wine preference and tend to go for wine-based cocktails. My regular drink is a Vermouth Cocktail, equal parts dry and sweet vermouth and 2 dashes of angostura. I'm also a big fan of anything with citrus, and my take on the Master Cleanse Cocktail, as seen here, is a crowd-pleaser. 

In keeping with my wino tendencies, this matcha cocktail has a base of Cocchi Americano, an aperitif wine that I recently tasted after we picked up a bottle. I've had cocchi in drinks and could never quite pick it out because I had no clue what exactly it was. 1) It's amazing on its own. 2) It doesn't keep long so I was trying to think of a way to use it before it turned. 

Fun Fact: Because Cocchi is made with cinchona bark, the original source of quinine, drinking it can protect you from malaria. Hello summer.

Matcha-tini? I was inspired by a recent post on Matthew Kenney OKC's Facebook. It sounded delightful, and they were using sake, so I thought, okay? I tinkered around with it and decided that cocchi would be just lovely. It's sweet enough to balance out the bitter matcha and it has some citrus to it that would be nice with some orange bitters.

Matcha Made in Heaven

2 oz Cocchi Americano
2 oz almond milk
1/2 tsp matcha powder
couple of dashes of orange bitters (almond or vanilla bitters would also be nice)

Shake with ice and double strain. 

Makes 1.

It's lightly sweet, earthy, slightly grassy, and in case it helps, somewhat healthy. I wasn't expecting it to be so delicious, but the combination really works. If you like green tea lattes or sake-based cocktails, this will rock your world. 

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cminguez said...

Sounds like a great recipe. Just curious if the Matcha is vegan? And where can you find decent Matcha?