Monday, May 7, 2012

White Chia Pudding...& Macro Eats!

Looking for a new spin on chia pudding? Try white chia seeds. I found these at my local Wegmans here in Ithaca. They are from a great company called Living Intentions that also makes a sprouted white chia flour and some incredible sprouted nuts. I just killed off a bag of the Tamari Almonds this afternoon.

What's the difference? I couldn't taste much of one, but visually, I found the white seeds more appealing. They also had a more delicate "chew". While chia seeds are predominantly black, both varieties have similar nutritional value and benefits. In your basic chia pudding recipe, the color will be slightly lighter.

I upped the vanilla and added cacao chips to my pudding for a refreshing crunch. I went a little heavy on the oats here, but that's just how I prefer it: 2 tbsp chia + 3 tbsp oats.

Have you tried white chia seeds? I plan on adding them to smoothies next.

Other local finds...

I've been lucky to have 2 amazing co-ops within walking distance, Greenstar Oasis, which is 2 blocks away,  and the West-End Greenstar, which is about a mile, in addition to Wegmans. I've been living off of the Ithaca Soy tofu, which is easily the best textured tofu I've ever had access to, and Oatmeal Date Bars from Blue Wave Pastry. Along with plenty of salads from the Co-op salad bars, Dr. Cow Cashew Cheese (so happy to not have to travel to NYC to find it!), and macrobiotic loveliness from Macro Mamas:

Macro Mamas appears at the Ithaca Farmer's Market every Saturday and the line is by far the longest at the market. They have platters starting at $8, their special Peanut Lime Noodles, and an abundance of vegan desserts (some gluten-free, also). It doesn't even matter how healthy this food is, it is so flavorful that people just line up for it and rave about it. They also sell platters at the Co-op, and this will probably be my lunch for the rest of the year. And every Saturday. Committed.

This Macro Mamas dessert was a Strawberry, Lemon, Coconut Cream Parfait. Tart and luscious, 100% summer. In a compostable container, natch.

More Farmer's Market pics:

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