Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vega Energizing Smoothie: My Taste Test.

The Vega One shake has long been a favorite of mine. I mostly stick with my own smoothie creations at home, relying on my hemp protein powder as a base. When I'm not feeling my best and need a boost, I pick up a packet of Vega One in the Vanilla Chai flavor and blend it with a cup of water and a few cubes of frozen banana. The flavor is right on, it has everything I could possibly need, and it's filling (it wouldn't be a meal for me but it is ideal for pre or post-workout) AND energizing.

The new "Energizing Smoothie" line from Vega intrigued me mostly because I'm already a fan, and I was expecting to like this all natural, plant-based drink powder just as much, if not more.

Each packet contains two servings of veggies (not a big concern for me) and 10 grams of plant protein, along with 5 grams of fiber. The instructions are to just "shake and go!".

I tried it first in a cocktail shaker with unsweetened almond milk. After shaking it vigorously (I'm a barman's wife so I shake HARD :), it was still chalky and there were a few clumps of powder that I knocked back. The flavor was okay, a bit of an aftertaste and a faux sweetness from the stevia. Now, I love liquid stevia dearly, but too much of it ruins a drink for me. The Bodacious Berry was almost cloying.

Next, I added the Vanilla Almondilla to my high-speed blender (it's comparable to a Vitamix) with water, strawberries, and frozen banana for creaminess. Still powdery, but not as much. Again, it had the aftertaste and I made myself finish it. It was just not as enjoyable as the regular Vega One to me.

Unfortunately, I think I will be sticking to my Vega One. Not only is it higher in protein and fiber, it's so much tastier and doesn't feel like a chore to drink. And it has a maca boost, which I find incredibly energizing.

As for the smoothies, I'm not sure that I understand their role in the Vega lineup. I think they need to work on the flavors a bit as well as the chalky tendency. I never really have this issue with other powders.

Has anyone else tried Energizing Smoothie yet? What's your take?

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