Monday, June 11, 2012

Vegan Brunch at the Owl House, Rochester.

Why Rochester? We're about an hour and 45 minutes from Rochester and I was ready for a day trip. Mr. Vedge is getting hammered with class projects and I figured he could use a few hours away from Excel files. So after a bucolic ride along some remote roads, we arrived relaxed and peckish. 

Well. We didn't do a ton of planning and didn't actually spend much time IN Rochester, proper. But! I had googled a vegan restaurant for lunch and had a feeling it would be amazing. And! We had plans to visit the nearby Lululemon (this is how I know he's the one), just outside of Rochester in Pittsford. It was a Lululemon showroom, which meant less product and limited sizes, but the smell of luon pleases me immensely.

A pair of special edition speed shorts and a cool racerback in my possession, we drove a couple of miles into Rochester to the Owl House. A good deal of the menu is vegan, with tempeh sandwiches, vegan migas, avocado mousse and the like rounding out the menu. The restaurant takes up two stories of a house in what I would call the Fishtown of Rochester (there's a co-op down the street and lots of shiny, happy people with tattoos and fun hair).  

Saturday was World Gin Day, so we quickly ordered a Tom Collins and a Gin Fizz (made vegan with soy cream!? A traditional uses egg whites) from the very respectable drink menu. I love a well-stocked bar in an unexpected place, it almost immediately sets me at ease. It shows attention to detail and nearly always leads to a capable kitchen.

[photo via the Owl House Facebook]

While Fee Bros. Bitters are not the favorite bitters brand in this house, Fee Brothers is located in Rochester. We didn't visit, but that certainly explained all of the Fee bottles on the Owl House bar. My drink listed "fee foam" as an ingredient, and it was incredible. Frothy, citrusy, floral, and fun, I made short work of my Gin Fizz and had to remind myself that it was only 2pm and I had the rest of Gin Day left. I could drink these fizzes all afternoon and I'm usually a total buzzkill when it comes to afternoon drinking

[photo via the Owl House Facebook]

The menu has its share of vegan bar food. We saw the Vegan Mozzarella Sticks and had to experience this fried naughtiness. They order blocks of Daiya, cut them into mozza stick size, and then bread them in panko. They're stretchy like the sticks I remember as a kid, gooey, and well, it's a lot of Daiya. If you like vegan bar food, this is the answer. It made me feel like I was in Philly again, perhaps at the Memphis Taproom or the Royal Tavern. 

I had the Lentil Burger with tempeh bacon and he had the Vegan Breakfast Nachos. Not something we'd eat everyday, but this was a road trip and both were really good, although we didn't manage to get any other food shots. 

We did some more exploring and shopping, then made our way back home for more gin and socializing with some of Mr. V's classmates. If you do find yourself near Rochester, I still have no idea what to do there, but you should probably drop by the Owl House for a meal.

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Jenn C said...

Thank you for reviewing Rochester since my in laws moved there. I do miss your findings in though.