Monday, June 18, 2012

Waffle Frolic: Vegan Waffle Wonderland

How is it that I've lived about 100 feet away from a waffle cafe that serves vegan, gluten-free waffles, knowingly, and had yet to be drawn in by that sweet smell after passing by daily? 

Waffle Frolic has been on my to-eat list since we got here over a month and a half ago. The blissed out faces of the waffle diners who drizzle syrup onto enormous square grids outside of the shop in Ithaca's Commons is its credibility.  As for our procrastinating, Waffle Frolic opens up at 9 a.m. on weekdays, and by that time, we've already had breakfast and Mr. Vedge is sitting in his Corporate Finance class. Our waffle moment would have to wait.

Waffle Frolic specializes in waffles, from savory to sweet with 4 different bases (including one that is both vegan and gluten-free) and all of the usual toppings, and few unexpected ones, including almond butter and Earth Balance. You order a single or a twin, and then watch as things get busy at the row of waffle irons. Not in a waffle mood? There's a grilled Daiya cheese option, a vegan waffle dog served with maple mustard, flaxseed smoothies and hemp milk lattes and kombucha...

But the waffles! They're crispy, snappier than any vegan waffle I've ever turned out on my iron at home, with a sweet dough and a deep crannies waiting to be pooled with local maple. My single was more than enough, especially fashioned with berries and almond butter, and even though it wasn't quite hot by the time we sat outside, it was possibly the holy grail of vegan waffles, all golden and perfect. 

Afterwards we took the visiting in-laws over to Taughannock Falls so that we could hike it all off.

A Saturday afternoon would not be right without a visit to the Ithaca Farmer's Market for veggies, strawberries, and Macro Mamas. Pearled barley polenta with savory rhubarb and onion sauce, black beans with toasted cumin, corn, and pickled onions, collards with smoked eggplant dressing, and broccoli with garlic scape and walnut pesto.

We prepared a simple, light stir fry for dinner of seitan, garlic, bok choy from the market, and cashews. Served in lettuce wraps. Then we headed to the local roller derby game, which has become a regular event for us. 

Some short-but-sweet Father's Day family time (even if we had to celebrate a day early) and such a relaxed, delicious weekend were just what we needed. I'm feeling a bit of a life/career stall out here and can't help but feel like being inside of the Ithaca Bubble forces you to slow down a bit and check things out. So I've just been going with it, getting in my work hours when I can, but taking advantage of the brilliant sun and spending more time than usual in downward dog.  I guess this is what happens when you find yourself away from a major city for the first extended time in your life. 


Lauren said...

That waffle-house looks way better than the waffles I've been making :) Always better when others cook hot,delicious waffles for you! So cool you're finding some great places up there in ny!

Sara at The Cozy Herbivore said...

Those waffles look amazing-- I love seeing new and wonderful restaurants on the commons! Have you been to Moosewood yet? ICONIC!

kellywhitephillips said...

Indeed we have been to Moosewood several times. It's so charming there and I love that the menu changes daily.