Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Veg Out: Mexeo in Collegetown

If you trek up those crazy hills in Ithaca for a taco, it better be one hell of a taco.

Or you should at least hope to find kombucha on tap.

Mexeo delivers both. If the candy-striped walls inside are any indication, you're going to have a good time at Ithaca's foodiefied Tex-Mex joint. Fill out your order form and keep in mind a few things:

The beans and rice are not vegan. Don't freak out, though, it turns out you don't actually need them. My tofurizo and tofu mole tacos were plenty filling with onions, cilantro, and habanero salsa. Mr. Vedge's vegan mole burrito was packed with dairy-free goodness and so, as much as we love our beans, we found the tofu and veggie filling to be lighter and more enjoyable. There are other places in town that do vegan beans & rice, but they are just not half as good as Mexeo.

The habanero salsa is fantastically hot. I'm often underwhelmed by most salsa, piling it on in attempts to feel something, anything, and this stuff has a real kick. It will teach you something.

Items are mostly locally sourced.

The tofu taquitos are light and refreshing, and don't taste like junk food.

Mexeo is tiny and there are no tables, so grab your order to go and luxuriate outside.

Not one, but two flavors of BAO kombucha are on tap. The ginger flavor paired with the habanero salsa is not for the light-hearted.


Anna Blyth said...

Tofu tacos!? Sounds amazing! Glad you enjoyed them!

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