Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegan Eats at Vernick Food & Drink

We're back in Ithaca this week, with some memorable new finds to tuck away for future visits. One of the highlights was a new Philly restaurant that served us a vegan meal that was thoughtful, satisfying, and sexy. Because as I tweeted a few nights ago, I could easily eat my meals at my favorite vegan restaurant in the world every night when I am in Philly...but it's always rewarding to add a new spot to the delicious list.

Vernick Food & Drink is just around the corner from our Philly base in Rittenhouse Square. With the soul-sucking heat, that's about as far as my feet wanted to travel. I'm glad we opted to try something new. It's so easy to stick to your favorite haunts, knowing that you won't be disappointed. But in a city full of new restaurant openings, we wanted to drop in on a few curious places.

Vernick's clean design and ambience proved a proper setting for food and drink that is simple and yet smart. We sat in the second floor dining room and began with a glass of rosé and a cocktail, and knew it was going to be a swell night. My camera didn't make it out that night, unfortunately, so phone photos it is...

Among the vegan choices:  Amuse of raspberry gazpacho, mustard seed oil, crispy potatoes & shishito peppers, summer squash (the spices were terrific), today's greens, roasted carrot & tomato salad w/ cornichon olive dressing (my entree, I want to drink this dressing like it's water), veggie plate for Mr. Vedge (he loved it). I wanted to try the toast and we were told that a few tweaks could be made for vegan toast, but we didn't want to disassemble anything. Maybe they'll have a veggies-only toast another time. Regardless, we left full and pleased, with every staff member that we passed on the way out smiling and thanking us for visiting, and finally, holding the door open. If Vernick Food & Drink was a man, I would have been thoroughly wooed. 

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