Friday, September 21, 2012

Barre Review

On a recent trip to Philly, I picked up a few "Barres", a new-to-me nutrition bar created by two professional ballet dancers.

What I like about these vegan, soy and wheat free bars is that they are made with different types of protein (hemp protein, flax, brown rice protein, nuts) than you see in the usual bars out there, and they offer a little something extra than the typical fruit-and-nut based bar. The bars have around 200 calories and 11-12 grams of fat with 4 grams of fiber and 5-7 grams of protein, which makes it the ideal snack for me. Plus, as if I needed to add this, I am a sucker for packaging/marketing and if you put the word "barre" on something, I probably need to try it. 

The two flavors I found were Black Swan Chocolate Berry and Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan. The Barre also comes in Ballerina Spirulina, but they were out of that flavor at Whole Foods (I spotted them at Callowhill).

Black Swan Chocolate Berry

So how do they step up? The Black Swan bar is fudgy and substantial, and got me through a 90 minute morning cardio + barre workout + brisk walk home flying high on energy. I enjoyed the tart cranberries and the rich flavor of this bar. The Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan tasted like gingerbread and had a gooey texture that I liked, but I preferred the Black Swan. You can taste the protein powder just a teeny bit in the Cinnamon Pecan, but I don't mind that. Both bars were very filling, and I don't say that about most bars.

Back to the Barre? In college I survived on protein bars and rarely felt satisfied, but didn't have the time to eat proper meals because I was a crazy person (at one point I had 7 part-time jobs). These days, I look at bars as an emergency snack to pack if I am traveling or need to supplement a meal. The truth is, I think most bars just don't taste great, and I'd rather have a piece of fruit or hummus or something that stimulates me more and makes me feel connected with what I am eating. I was very impressed with the Barre, however, and I hope to see them available at other stores in the future. The ingredient list is superb and the taste is simply delicious. Call it my new go-to.

You can find the Barre near you here

Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan

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