Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Skin-Saver: the Konjac Sponge

I made many discoveries over in Europe, but the one that has been the most helpful during this hellish East Coast week of deep freeze?

The cure to red cheeks, chapped skin, and dryness? The Konjac Sponge. My French Pink Clay facial sponge for sensitive skin has gotten me through winter so far. No soap needed, this biodegradable, plant-based sponge exfoliates, plumps up, and brightens skin and removes light makeup. The sponge has simplified my routine and left my skin feeling soft and looking healthy even as the wintry elements rage on. It will last at least 2 months if taken care of properly, and you can order it here in the states from Spirit Beauty Lounge. There are different types of sponges for different needs.

I never thought I'd be in love with a sponge but here we are...

[image via Konjac Sponge Co]

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