Friday, February 22, 2013

Massutera Online Vegan Bakery Review.

Cupcake break! We were chugging our greens and then Valentine's Day happened. Chocolate, cookies, champagne, all of that...and then a special delivery showed up this week.

Vegan bakery Massutera states on its website that it is founded on the belief that just because food is vegan doesn't mean it has to taste like cardboard.

Truth is, it irks me when people exclaim "Oh, that doesn't even taste vegan!" as if implying that vegan has to translate directly to "not as good as non-vegan" or "healthy".

The assortment of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes that the kind folks at Massutera offered to send me taste like the baked goods that you remember as a kid. They taste like butter (vegan, of course) and sugar and decadence and birthday parties.

Today when I was tasting the treats, I stopped myself from saying "You would never know these were vegan" because it's always been my belief that vegan isn't a compromise.

Back to the goodie breakdown...

The Amazing Fudgy Brownies are chewy and true-to-their-namesake-fudgy, and would sell out in seconds at a bake sale. And the brownies they sent me were enormous! Perfect for sharing with some very stressed out Cornell grad students.

The Chocolate Chip Cookies were classic, buttery, and slightly crispy. I usually prefer a softer cookie (like the PB) but these were also delicious.

My favorite was the Peanut Butter Bliss Cookie. Everything you want in a peanut butter cookie - incredibly rich and with the familiar criss cross. A tall glass of soy milk and it's a date.

Finally, the cupcakes. They were shipped with the frosting separate in little tubs. I received the Choc-Coca-Mocha, which is a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate buttercream with a coconut and mocha buttercream on top, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, which is filled with peanut butter. The frosting had drizzled chocolate in it, which is why it looks a little messy. And...yum. I am not the biggest cupcake fan as I've said before, but I know a good one when I meet one.

Not done with chocolate this month? Have an event coming up and would rather focus on shopping for champagne? You can order from Massutera online. All items are vegan and they can prepare gluten-free items as well. They ship with compostable bakery bags and recycled paper/boxes/labels along with the cutest cupcake packaging to keep your cupcakes tidy. My treats arrived in great shape, thanks to a cooler pack and the packaging genies over at Massutera.

Back to the green stuff tomorrow with an upcoming post for an ayurvedic-inspired breakfast (hint: it's green and it's not a smoothie).

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