Thursday, April 18, 2013

NYC Instagram Weekend.


This was my past weekend in New York, as seen through Instagram (plus a few shots that didn't make it).

 Mr. Vedge's Restaurant Entrepreneurship class field trip (tours/Q&A/meals at Jean-Georges, Lavo, and Shake Shack) brought us to good 'ol NYC for a long weekend. Of course I went along.

I spent a lot of time on my own as I wasn't able to join the class, but we did sneak in a fun dinner with friends both old and new at Kajitsu (photo 1), house of vegan Shojin cuisine and had another dinner at Pure Food & Wine (Mint Sundae, check. Green Tea Tiramisu, we had to) and met up for drinks with friends after.

I checked in at Piperlime in Soho (photo 2), refreshed with mango chia water and a root veg/mushroom bowl at Hu Kitchen (3) and juice/smoothies at Treehaus Midtown (4) and Organic Avenue (6). I finally had a rainy day lunch at Cinnamon Snail (5) where I witnessed just how devoted their lunch fans are (they came, in droves, in wind and rain) and devoured a basil pesto tofu baguette that was worth getting soaked for. On another day, I had falafel at Taim (7) (which lived up to its fame) with a berry/basil smoothie after attempting to order something at newish the Butcher's Daughter (8), where I found out that they wouldn't serve food (dinner) until 6 and stopped making smoothies at 4. I hope they change this, I arrived confused and left disappointed. What a great weekend, otherwise!

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Jennifer Everett said...

Love your blog! Such a nice mix of your life. Looking forward to reading more :)