Sunday, June 30, 2013

Work it Out.

I've been back in Philly for a full month now and I've been spending most of it catching up with family, friends, and clients. While things have been a bit unpredictable lately, I try to think of it as "exciting". One thing that is consistent right now is my morning, which generally goes like this:

A few yogi stretches.
Blend green stuff in Vitamix.
A long hug (yes, hug) with my husband. We're big on morning hugs. Hugs before email.
Sweat up a storm at Lithe Method.
Race back home to begin work.

If I start my morning off right, I feel like a machine that emits energy and focus and good vibes for the rest of the day.

A few finds that are keeping me on track this summer:

Vega Sport Sugar-Free Pre-Workout Energizer. Clean energy, sans caffeine. I was recently sent a box of samples of the Lemon Lime flavor from Vega and it really does the trick. The stevia-sweetened plant-based pre-workout drink mix is supposed to provide quick energy, increase endurance, and enhance mental focus and recovery.  I noticed a definite increase in energy and endurance in high cardio classes. Once you get past the murky green color, it's actually pretty good. These packets are going in my gym bag.

Fitbit Flex. If you're a fellow fit freak like me and want to know how many hours a night you're sleeping, how many steps you're taking, or want to track your activity to meet your goals, order one of these fitness bands stat. I waited patiently for the Flex to arrive, as it is combatible with Android devices unlike most of the other trackers. It's stylish and fairly accurate, and it's been a breeze to use. We have the matching scale that syncs with it, which I recommend if you are trying to reach a weight goal. My favorite feature of the Flex is actually the silent alarm that wakes you up gently without rousing your partner if either one of you gets up earlier.  It's like having a personal trainer AND marriage counselor on one wrist.

There are few things I love more than a perfectly ripe pineapple in the summer, but the 22 Days Pineapple Chocolate Chip Wonder Bar comes pretty close. I love most of the 22 Days products, but this flavor is easily a favorite. Chocolate, nuts, quinoa crisps, and freeze dried pineapple come together in this organic, gluten free bar (found at Whole Foods). I tote these around for a quick on the go bite.

[images via Vega, Fitbit, & 22 Days]

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