Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vega One Starter Kit Giveaway.

I've got a protein-packed giveaway today thanks to the folks at Vega, but first. Happy fall! This is my ideal season to cook, feast, and write about it, especially after lots of time off, but here's what I always wonder:

Is there a time of year that's more confusing on the body than early fall?

It started with the seasonal allergy sniffles and that was just the beginning. I know many people get excited about the change in the air, and while I certainly do welcome the shift, it takes a few weeks before I physically adjust. The skin, the hair, the muscles and joints all need a little extra love around this time.

To stay well during the transition, I reach for warm beverages, hot yoga, lots of ginger and turmeric, hydrating soup, and a daily shot of Holy Basil extract mixed with water.  And almost nothing makes me feel better like a spicy dal from 660 Curries. Another way to keep the immune system charged for the days ahead? Vega One Nutritional Shake.

While I'm a fan of Vega products for fitness and muscle recovery, I also lean on them when I am not feeling my best and need a pick-me-up. The Vega One shake contains 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals, 1.5g Omega-3, as well as antioxidants, probiotics, and greens to support a healthy immune system. It's also my favorite of all of the Vega products, taste-wise. Come to me, Vanilla Chai flavor.

In the spirit of sharing the wellness, I'm giving away a 5 Day Vega One Starter Kit to one reader. If you've never tried Vega, this is the perfect opportunity to do so before committing to a full tub. The kit contains 5 packets of their top flavors: Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Berry. To enter, simply leave a comment below on how you stay well as the weather changes. For an additional entry, follow me on Instagram at (let me know that you did so in your comment).

Thanks for entering, and stay healthy! UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed. 


Em said...

Exercise is always my go to for staying healthy no matter what the season.

Amanda Thomas said...

I try to stay healthy as the season changes by exercising regularly, making sure I get enough sleep and incorporating more raw foods into my meals.

Amanda Thomas said...

I also follow you on Instagram (amandadianett).

Chelsea Scott said...

I'd love to win! But best of luck to all those that have tried :)

Kosta Kastrounis said...

exercise is the key. also instead of hiding fromt he weather, embrace it. winter activities are a great way to get rid of the blues. any weather goes, except for rain....i dont like the rain ;)

Bob Walter said...

As fall approaches, I noticed that we shift to more soups with kale and other veggies instead of smoothies.

Joanna Bernhardt said...

As the season changes I try to stay healthy by exercising, sleeping enough and making green smoothies and adding L-glutamine to it.

I also follow you on Instagram (hourglasswithbatwings).

hammer mama said...

sleep! it's always a struggle to fit it in but it makes all the difference. and vega products add some quality nutrients in there too :)

Kate + Tatum said...

Staying active and washing those hands!

Krista said...

I exercise more in the spring and summer but try to make more yummy vegetable filled soups in the winter and late fall to make up for the little less exercise days.

Jung no said...

Snowboarding during cold seasons. Cross Country Biking during warm seasons. Hot seasons adds snorkeling. Just started to crossfit during the week.

Jung no said...

also following on instragram. HONEY LOVE JUICE

Unknown said...

For those of us with demanding workplaces, staying healthy is super important. I work in a kitchen and am in close contact with people all day long - not all of whom stay home when they are ‘coming down with something.'

I rely on fruit and vegetable smoothies in the morning because they are fast and lend themselves to grab-and-go. I do miss regular yoga classes.

Anonymous said...

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I'd love to win! But best of luck to all those that have tried

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